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BS ECE, Officially Trained by the USPTO Patent Training Academy

Paul previously worked at the USPTO, Landon IP and CPA Global, where did rounds at the company. Firstly he worked on PCT/International Applications, then prior art searches for Fortune 100 Tech companies, almost any major mobile device and mobile chipset manufacturer you can think of; add to that just about any patent-heavy software company you can think of.. Paul has a familiarity with their patent portfolio. Then he worked in Pre-litigation building invalidation cases for nearly 75 asserted patents. Paul’s has a broad array of technical expertise (electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, software, firmware, interprocess communications and business methods), and has been examining and searching new inventions for the last 14 years, has deep knowledge of Patent Examination Procedures, as he has learned it from inside the USPTO. Paul is inventor on 5 pending patents. Paul is developer of AMPHIBIAN A.I. 


An interesting fact about Paul is that he is also is a CEO of a company built for social cause, called QuakeStopper.  The mission of QuakeStopper is to produce and sell Earthquake damage mitigation products such as: Earthquake Early Alerts, Gas shut-offs and Water shut-offs in order to significantly reduce the damaging impact high magnitude Earthquakes have on society and our cities.  There is immense investor interest in QuakeStopper at this point in time but Paul's first priority is to finish AMPHIBIAN A.I. and get it into the hands of global law firms and Patent Attorneys.  Perhaps in a 18-24 months, he will have accomplished his goal with FindTech-IP and will be able to move on to QuakeStopper full-time.



BS Electrical & Computer Engineering, J.D. Rutgers Law, Patent Agent, Edison Scholar

Mr. Myers manages the customer projects and has a wide range of technical arts experience. He has a J.D. from Rutgers School of Law and was member of the Intellectual Property Law Clinic. He worked at JP Morgan Chase & Co. evaluating competitor products for patent infringement. He has a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rutgers University, graduating Magna Cum Laude.


James Lee, President


BS, Computer Engineering, Chinese-English Translator, Patent Analyst

James worked a decade as an engineer in Panasonic Avionics in Irvine, CA before moving out to Taiwan to work in Chinese-English translation of patents.  He also regularly attends IP conferences and sales meetings with executives of potential PatentPool member companies as well as Chinese startup companies that have breakthrough and innovative products.  James crafts important relationships with Asian tech companies and has already brought great relationships to FindTech IP and the PatentPool product line.  We run FindTech IP like a startup, so every team member is enthusiastic about taking on different roles as long as they have expertise in those roles.  James has several areas of expertise that perfectly match our mission of providing the best prior art results to our customers.  He can translate, analyze, landscape, consult, draft and more!

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