Amphibian A.I.: Dual AI PreSearch plus Human Deep Search

Current state: Hybrid

Prior art search is so easy an amphibian can do it! Well, a new kind of amphibian.. it's part human, part robot (I guess you can say it's like artificial intelligence). I added 2 more long-modules to my workflow of patent invalidity search studies that I have become expert of for experimental reason. I want to explore the effects of adding AI to enhance or augment the results or experience of the human search process.

As you can see in my diagram, the two long-modules in on the left side of the workflow are the first 2 inputs into the human side search. 

Half Man Half A.I.

The two long-modules, appropriately, are the robot or ai modules. 1 module is from IPWe and the next module is developed by Fintech IP. The IPWe module claims AI, whereas the Fintech IP module is IBM-based and adopts the term augmentive intelligence. Nevertheless, both are priceless in providing information we need to keep this test alive! The more data we get about AI for patent search, the more we can understand AI itself. Maybe one day AI can do the full search without any human involvement and provide a summary to us.

For now, we need all the help we can get, all the search work we can get to test this out. Your work helps us to develop AI technology for patent searching, which eventually makes things quicker, cheaper and faster (some benefits we have seen so far in addition to higher quality search results). So if you like that we are already seeing these benefits, come support our development and let us use this system on your validity and FTO searches. 

Destined to become fully Autonomous A.I. Patent Search

The current model where the AI modules are in the back, are no charge for use of the AI. You are just paying for the human search.

I call this the amphibian because it is in the state "between" where a human and a robot are both doing the same search to achieve a final result. Eventually the human will be phased out and the robot will do the entire search. From amphibian to reptile, complete.