Legal Disclaimer

Any assessments made by the patent consultant relating to documents are based upon his interpretation of the subject matter provided in the customer’s disclosure.  The patent consultant does not practice law; therefore the customer is encouraged to make his or her own assessments of any documents that are provided.

The results of the patent searches conducted by Fintech IP DO NOT constitute a legal opinion of any kind or nature as to any aspect of the search disclosure. Users who wish to have a legal opinion are invited to obtain legal counsel for this purpose. Fintech IP's patent searches are based solely on the public information made available by the applicable governmental patenting authorities, certain proprietary database providers and proprietary information resources set forth in this report (collectively, the “Information Resources”), up to and including the date of the patent search, and assume the proper recordation and indexing of all such information. Relevant patent information filed with any Information Resource, but not yet made available for public scrutiny, or information which has not been properly recorded or indexed, is not taken into account for purposes of the patent search. Fintech IP assumes no responsibility for discovering or disclosing such information as part of any patent search. After delivery of Fintech IP search results, Customer understands and agrees that further searching may uncover additional references. Fintech IP will not be liable in any way for (i) information submitted to any Information Resource but not yet available to the public, (ii) information submitted to any Information Resource not properly indexed or recorded, or (iii) information disclosed by any Information Resource after the date stated on the patent search. Fintech IP will in no event be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages whatsoever, whether from claims of breach of warranty, negligence, strict liability or otherwise arising out of any patent search or other service, and our liability will under no circumstances exceed the contract price for the specific patent search or other service for which liability is claimed. By accepting any search report, Customer acknowledges this disclaimer and agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold Fintech IP and its contractors harmless from any claim filed or asserted against Fintech IP.