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Hosts: AI-Patent-Expert Trainers, Paul Fatehi & Leo Williams

  • Paul is a Former USPTO Patent Examiner. Paul is a Patented Inventor, award-winning CEO of two IP-based startups, well-connected in the patent industry, and an expert of the landscape of Automation and AI-based Patent Search, Drafting, and Prosecution Tools on the market. He has a proven track record of providing AI Solutions to Innovation-heavy tech corporations and decreasing IP Department costs and increasing IP department productivity by more than 30%.

  • Leo is a Former USPTO Patent Examiner in the Bioorganic Chemistry Arts and former Patent Search Associate with a breadth of knowledge in biomedical and chemistry-related fields, including pharmaceuticals, gene coding, and cancer research. He has vast knowledge about AI Patent Tools that are built specifically for bio-chem, drug, and genetics inventions.  He has an MS in Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry from University of Maryland.

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