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Crunchbase lists FindTech-IP amongst top companies founded by UC Irvine graduates

YELP ranks FindTech IP amongst 10 Best Patent Law in Orange County, California

Watch our CEO discuss the Art & Science of Patent Searching with the famous Stephen Keys

This presentation is for Inventors Group of America, hosted by famous author Stephen Key and his InventRight partner Andrew Krauss. I teach the art and science of patent search and briefly mention FindTech-IP’s new product Amphibian A.I. and how it works to create more efficient, faster patent search and yields more relevant search results.

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SUCCESS! w/ Freedom to Operate search

Watch how we were able to help a client from China successfully sell his products  in Forever 21 in the United States..  We provided the Chinese client a 'Comparison Report', as requested by Forever 21.  Using our expertise in the subject and our desire to empower our client who spoke little to no English, we took on the task of comparing his headphones to Apple's Airpods design and utility patents and made an expert judgement that the client's product is vastly different from the protection sought by Apple's design and utility patents.  Forever 21 agreed with our expert analysis and sold our client's merchandise.