Mission: to deliver first-class services to STARTUPS

Low Cost Patent Searches


We have found a way to perform perfect prior art / patent searches at an extremely low cost by virtue of our design of AMPHIBIAN A.I., an Artificial Intelligence-based Patent Search tool.  We perform patent searches for small entities, and solo inventors at near-cost, beating all other search firms by extremely large margins.  This is the first step of saving your startup money so you can continue to bootstrap.  Here's hoping to your startup's extended runway and eventual success.

Low Cost Provisional Patent Application Filing Services


One major barrier inventors have after they conceive a brilliant new idea for an App, or machine, or game, headphone, user interface, or design is that they are afraid to shop it around for market feedback. Not doing so is paralyzing.  Yet, not being protected by virtue of lack of registration of your intellectual property with the USPTO is also paralyzing! Without being protected by filing your invention wtih the USPTO you are essentially risking your invention with whomever you discuss your ideas.  We take the stance that filing a Provisional Patent Application is the best method to firmly protect you and your idea for 1 entire year, while giving your invention the designation "Patent Pending".  After that designation, you are free to talk to anyone, shop around your invention for feedback, talk to potential licensees, etc, without fear of losing rights to your invention for 12 months.

Low Cost Consulting


Although we have a superstar team, complete with degrees such as Electrical and Computer Engineering, to Bio-inorganic Chemistry, to JD to PhD, to PhD/J.D, we still have a passion to teach local startups and local inventors how to start a company and choose paths such as licensing or venturing, without falling for the money traps.  I (Paul Fatehi) have fallen for many of these traps, being the naive creative-type that I am.  And it's my mission to make sure others don't make the same mistakes that I made.  Fortunately I have been able to set up a team that agrees to these principles.  We are here to help you the best that we can.  I will briefly tell you here that you do not need a large law firm to be rude to you unless you are able to pay them $8,000 just to meet with the main lawyer.  True story, happened to me with QuakeStopper® Inc. when I called Knobbe Martens for help on an invention that my dad, brother and I thought of.  Well, they tried to rip us off, but we just went a better direction and found Ali Makoui JD, PhD who is one of us - does great work at moderate prices.  BY THE WAY- IN 9 MONTHS WE BECAME A FINALIST FOR OC'S BEST TECHNOLOGY STARTUP by TIMMY AWARDS 2019. This is proof that you do not need to pay for expensive legal services to get your invention off the ground.

Ongoing Promotions for Startups


To celebrate STARTUPS, it is our policy to keep products and offerings as discounted as possible in order to be a facilitator of your survival. We are on the same team. Your success is ours. Check our SHOP and find what you need at unbeatable prices.

e-Books Collection


FindTech IP has put in tremendous effort to hand pick the best resources to catch up our audience on the topics of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning as well as Automation and the disruptive impact it will have on virtually every industry.  We want our audience to be educated on these critical topics.  Therefore we recently compiled a bundle of e-Books on this exact thesis and have managed to bring it to you at a significant discount over retail. "Enjoy, Learn, Grow.  And let's Own The A.I. Revolution Together!" 

Mobile App Prototyping


We provide startups with mobile app development and prototyping.