Firm representing a major electronics company in Silicon Valley

"were highly impressed by the level of detail in your results..particularly liked that you included figures when mapping to the claim elements.  That was very helpful"

J.D., Texas, USA

"The JDG was well-prepared with the validity results you provided; please thank the Analyst. We were able to obtain a favorable settlement."

Rushi B., Direct Supervisor at CPA Global, Alexandria, VA

"You are our best Patent Analyst. That's why we keep giving you the toughest cases."

Michael R., Direct Supervisor at Landon IP, Alexandria, VA

Paul performs at a very technical and very high quality level.  He easily does deep dives into very complex technology and will do so for many different purposes and outcomes.  His analysis is clear-minded, honest and direct.  He is attuned to customer needs and performs well in customer presentations and similar interactions.  Happy to recommend Paul for any employer.

Success Stories


Patent Trials and Appeals Board deems four (4) VirnetX patents invalid

"VirnetX Holdings Corp. plunged almost 14 percent on Friday after four of the patents it claimed Apple Inc. had infringed were deemed invalid by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office."


Two (2) Eolas Patents Invalid, Fed. Circ. Rules

The Federal Circuit on Monday affirmed a jury's verdict invalidating two Eolas Technologies Inc. patents that the company claimed cover basic Web technology, handing a victory to Google Inc. and other members of the JDG.  The technology was directed to an interactive web.